The Goodbye

It was a normal day of 3 year old me. Crawling around, crying. That’s when my dad thought it would be good to bring me and my 6 year old sister Victoria on a trip to Bali. It wasn’t going to be easy. From what my parents told me, the plane ride had to had […]

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Pura Vida

It was the winter of 2014. I just got done with the first semester of a pretty easy 7th grade year. My dad thought it would be great if we went somewhere that we all have never been to before. So he decided that Costa Rica would be the perfect destination, we wouldn’t be like […]

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Unbearably Hot

After camping in the forest’s of Mexico for a week. I think my whole family were ready for a more tropical vibe. So my Aunt Ketha decided that we should head down to a condo she owned in the outskirts of Puerto Varallta. Instead of being in the inner city we were basically just going […]

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Camping in Mexico :)

During the summer of 2016, my family and I were staying with my aunt in Guadalajara. She came up with an idea to go camping in one of the cabins she has rented in the mountains about 3 hours north of Guadalajara. My mom thought it was a great idea, so we all packed am […]

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Saying Goodbye In Style

After all the relaxing and tanning in the summer of 2016, the date that my sister had to leave for college was coming closer and closer. My sister, being both excited and scared, knew she was going to miss us and Santa Barbara so much. However, she couldn’t wait to see what New York was […]

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