Life’s a Trip

Welcome to the blog!  Come along with me and the adventures I experienced when traveling the world. Keep in mind that when I went on these trips I was very young and do not remember everything in detail. However, the pictures will somewhat jog my memory and give you a visualization to how these places were and how I was like.

Now lets go back to when I was about 11 years old.

I went on a cruise with my family and Puerto Rico was one of the stops. As you can see the sites we visited such as this one were very beautiful. Unfortunately, being the silly and childish guy I was, I wasn’t really able to grasp how beautiful this place was and how lucky I was to experience a place like this. All I wanted to do was go back to the ship so I could play in the arcade.

382988_290958734288126_875085096_nNow looking back, i’m beginning to realize that Puerto Rico is very similar to Europe. The streets and people are almost exactly the same to how they are in places such as Paris, France or Munich, Germany. Of course I was just too dumb to realize that because all I was focused on was playing in the water and getting hit by waves. That wasn’t all to bad considering that the ocean there was very beautiful.


I was a quite the joker back then, looking back at some of these photo’s sometimes makes me cringe but at least my sister and I were on the same page.


My sister and I really bonded over trips like this. Considering that we didn’t have any friends on these trips, we were almost forced to hang out with each other. Which is why we are so similar to this day.

She was one of the main reasons I wasn’t bored on these trips. Introducing me to new songs on the long drives through Puerto Rico or even coming to get hit by waves with me are just some of the things she would do to make the experience even better.

378523_290963760954290_1014504846_nAnyways, I want to hear about your experience with different places around the world. Share it with me by posting some comments below and while your at it, why not become a follower so you can keep up with the numerous adventures that I have been on throughout my life.


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