Adventures through St. Martin

Puerto Rico wasn’t our last stop on our cruise. There was still so much more to come!

Lets go back to when I was still about 11 years old.


After the Puerto Rico trip, my family and I were ready to experience what this cruise had in store for us. During our dinner, we were told that we had already arrived at St. Martin. Before this cruise I had literally no idea that this place even existed and I couldn’t wait to get off the ship and explore the island.


As you can tell by my face, I was pretty bummed that we couldn’t just get off the boat right then and there. It’s not like the ship was boring, it had an arcade, multiple pools, Jacuzzi’s, a mini golf course, and even a water slide. Sounds like a kid’s dream right? Well all I was really interested was in the beaches and how big the waves were. Now thinking back, I was a really weird kid.


I was pretty surprised to see that it was french speaking island. A perfect time for my sister to practice her french!


Even though I was a little camera shy back then and you can’t see the excitement on my face, my sister and I were both pumped to see what St. Martin had to offer.


My family didn’t really want to go to the typical tourists spots here so we decided to go on a road trip through the island. After what seemed like 2 hours of driving we finally made it to a little beach spot with a restaurant right next to it. It was prefect. I was so happy to see that the waves were actually huge. Immediately after a delicious lunch, my sister and I ran straight into the ocean. The waves were surprisingly super strong and knocked me on my butt every time. It started to get so strong that I was getting pushed back all the way to the bench in the picture above and barely missed it. It was too much fun to stop so I decided to keep on playing in the ocean. Eventually after playing with my luck for a little over 10 minutes, a huge wave hit me so hard that it made me smack my head on the bench! Being the baby I was, I cried for like 3 minutes. Even with my parents warning me that I was going to get hurt, I knew that the thrill was worth it. Let me know if you had any crazy injuries on your travels in the comments below and be sure to follow me so you can keep up with my blog posts every week. Thanks!


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