Family Bonding In Cabo

This trip is a little more present then the others in my blog.

Lets go back to when I was about 14 years old and just got out of Santa Barbara Jr. High.


I finally finished a very stressful year of Junior High and I really needed a break from reality. So my parents decided it would be good to go on a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was excited to go because I have never been there but deep down I always thought of Cabo being the most generic and gringo location to go for Mexico. In the previous years we always went to places such as Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta. It was always great to go experience what Mexican culture was really like, and for some reason I did not think I would have the same amount of fun in Cabo due to all the tourists. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I was quickly proven wrong by the beauty of the beach and the wonderful weather.


Our hotel was in the perfect place. We arrived relatively late so we were just in time for dinner. It was perfect, the sun was just setting, the waves were pounding, and we had our feet in the sand, but most of all, my family and I were all together and happy.


 Since we were spending so much time in the hotel my parents thought it would be great if we explored the city a little bit. Eventually we ended up finding this awesome restaurant that really showed the Mexican culture through food, entertainment, and decoration. This place had the best food by far in all of Cabo, but personally I think that there is better food in different places such as Guadalajara. Maybe I have a little bit of bias since my mom grew up there.


Later in the trip, my dad and my sister went on a scuba diving trip and had a great time. My sister even got to see one of the biggest manta rays she’s ever seen. She described it to me as being up to 30 feet! Sadly I didn’t have my licence to go scuba diving yet so I had to stay back at the hotel. It wasn’t all that bad considering that I was able to go jet skiing with my mom. The age to legally drive one of those things is 18 but the guy who ran the program let it slide. After all, it is Mexico! img_0022

Trips like these are my favorite because we were completely disconnected to our lives back home which gave us time to bond. Which is why I think my family are so close to each other to this day. Are vacations bonding time for your family as well or do you use them to get away and just have some time alone? Let me know in the comments below and while your at it, why not follow me so you can keep up with me blog posts every week! Thanks!


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