4th of July in Sin City

My sister, when she was still in high school, would have constant dance conventions that her company would go to almost every other weekend. Most of the locations we would go would be in places I have never been before such as, Redondo Beach, Norco, and Santa Maria. Yea, not the most exciting places to go to in the world. However, some of the locations of her conventions were so good that we decided to sometimes make a little vacation out of it.

Lets go back to when I was about 14 years old.


No we didn’t get to go to Paris, that will be for another blog post, but we did get to go to Las Vegas. I thought Las Vegas was awesome ever since I was a little kid. I enjoyed this trip even more because I got to miss some school. Now you may think that it wouldn’t be quite worth it due to the missing work I would come back to, but trust me I would rather be lying in the sun by our hotel pool then sitting in class doing math any day.img_1816

My dad and I were able to enjoy the pool while my mom watched my sister practice her with her dance group throughout the day. You might think it’s bad that i’m not with my mom supporting my sister but trust me watching a constant 8 hours of dance practice is not fun no matter the style that is being practiced. I did however see the final performance which is the one dance that actually mattered.


During the final performance I noticed that it was getting pretty late and I was worried I wasn’t going to see the fireworks for the first time on the 4th of July. So as soon as my sister finished her dance, I rushed outside with my dad to see if we could make it and luckily we ended up getting the perfect view.


At the end of the trip my family decided to stop by the Hofbräuhaus before we headed home. It’s always been a tradition whenever we went to Las Vegas, we had to stop by there or else it would feel like we were missing something. Do you guys have any family traditions when visiting places? If so, let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me to keep up with my posts every week. Thanks!


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