Reunited in Puerto Vallarta: Part 1

It was the summer of 2012, from what I can remember, my family were longing to go back to Mexico for a while. I’m pretty sure it was as long as 3 years since we were last there. Mexico was perfect destination because we could go and relax in Puerto Vallarta then head down to Guadalajara where we could reunite with my moms side of the family.

Let’s go back to when I was about 11 years old.

My sister and I were ready for the beaches and tacos waiting for us in Mexico. Personally I think of Mexico as the best place I have ever been to, and yea there are many different places such as the Maldives and Fiji, which will be saved for another blog, but for some reason, Mexico had a special place in my heart. It might just be that these Mexico trips are so recent that I remember them in detail, however I like to think that it’s because of the nice people and the Mexican culture.

As we were driving, I was beginning to realize that we were heading off the main city and heading more into a secluded tropical area. That’s when we arrived at The Dreams Hotel. As the title shows, it truly felt like a dream.

The hotel was located in a sort of secluded cove with only 4 restaurants across the hotel, 3 on the beach and one in the hotel. This place felt like it’s own town.

The food there was amazing. One of the restaurants in particular had the best seafood! I mean what can you expect from a restaurant that literally hangs over the ocean.

One day my sister wanted to have a spa day with me, and how could I say no? It was great, I went with my dad to get a massage, which was my first massage ever and it was awesome, then after My sister and I met out on this porch over looking the beach and had this weird prune drink, but whatever, I thought it was cool :).

Finally, at the end of the day, we would usually end off with a fancy family dinner on the beach. I think my sister and I can both agree that the Dreams Hotel was one of the best we have ever been too. What was the best hotel you have stayed at? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow me so you can see part 2 of my Mexico trip in Guadalajara. Thanks!


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