Reunited In Puerto Vallarta: Part 2

Now that we had sunbathed at the beach for the past week. It was time for us to go into more of a city part of Mexico, more specifically, we headed on a long 5 hour journey to Guadalajara.

Lets go back to when I was about 11 years old.

The drive was long and boring, but luckily we got to stop at some killer restaurants and got to see some family friends on the way there. I also got to make a new friend.

This dog that my moms friend Monica owned was one of the cutest I have ever seen. I can’t really remember the name of the dog because it was so long ago. However, I do recall that the dog truly brightened my day considering I was stuck in a car for a few hours.

When we got to my Aunt Ketha’s house in Guadalajara, my cousins, Gaiel, Bictoria, and Alexa were already having a great time swimming in the pool. Being the energetic kid that I was, I quickly hopped into the pool with my sister and swam until the sun went down.

We started the next day with some family bonding with the help of monopoly. The games got pretty tense but it was also a little difficult to play at first considering that my cousins didn’t even know a sliver of English. It was still a tone of fun anyways. Later that day Germany and Italy played in the Euro 2012 tournament. My dad, being german, was hyped to watch this game. Sadly, Balotelli, an player on the Italian team had to ruin my dad’s dream of Germany making it to the final. My sister and I were also super bummed, but we went on an ATV ride with our cousin Paulina which instantly cheered up. However, that goal that Balotelli scored will forever haunt me.

At least it wasn’t a crap goal to lose to.

On the last day in Guadalajara, my sister finally got the courage to break her vegetarian lifestyle and have a beef taco. I was so happy when she did. I hated it when she went vegetarian, I just thought it was so pointless and stupid. She instantly wanted another and could not believe on what she was missing out on. Have you ever done anything on a vacation that you wouldn’t have done anywhere else? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me to keep up with my blog posts every week. Thanks!


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