Spring Break in Mammoth

This is my most recent trip to this date, in fact, I just got back today!

Lets go back to about 5 days ago.

Spring Break just started and I got hit with an invitation to go to mammoth with my good friends Cody Orud and Matthew Gerry. I thought this would be a perfect location to go because the only places I have been prior to this were tropical places such as Mexico and Hawaii. I also wanted to see how my snowboarding skills were considering that the last time I went to the snow was when I was 10 years old. After a long 5 hour drive we finally made it to mammoth and I could not wait to hit the slopes. The next day we thought it would be best if we all took lessons just to get a little feel for snowboarding before we hit the slopes. The lessons were boring but at it was still really funny to see Cody snowboard for the first time.

I took advantage of the opportunity but unfortunately I can’t share the videos of him falling because it won’t let me. Anyways, the next day we were all ready to finally go on some slope runs.

As you can see, the views going up the lifts were truly breath taking. The slopes were also a ton of fun. Some of the guys we met up there, they were also from Santa Barbara, showed us this really cool run called forest trail. It had tons of jumps and rails so Cody and I decided to go for some of them. Some turned out great and others turned out painful :/. I was still super stoked because I never snowboarded this good in my life and neither did Cody.

After 2 long days of skiing/snowboarding we would usually always go down through the village and get some dinner. The food at every restaurant we went to were always delicious, not one disappointed. Now enough about me, where do you prefer to go if you are looking to have fun in the snow, and do you like to ski or snowboard? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me so you can keep up with my blog posts every week. Thanks!



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