Saying Goodbye In Style

After all the relaxing and tanning in the summer of 2016, the date that my sister had to leave for college was coming closer and closer. My sister, being both excited and scared, knew she was going to miss us and Santa Barbara so much. However, she couldn’t wait to see what New York was like.

Lets go back to when I was 15 years old.

It was just the beginning of my sophomore year and I was super stoked because I got a mini addition to my summer thanks to this trip. I also had never been to New York which is quite surprising considering that I have been to so many different places. It was also the last time my sister was going to be in California for a while so she thought a selfie with the family was a necessity.

Although the constant pictures were annoying, I loved my sister to much to not give in.

We got to the hotel pretty late because it was a hole hour away from JFK airport, so all we had time for was some killer sushi across the street. Plus we had to get up early so it wouldn’t be to crazy when moving my sister in to her dorm.

The next day I took a stroll down downtown New York with my Mom and Dad where we saw crazy dance performers and ate some awesome Turkish street food. Some of the people there are very different from the folk in Santa Barbara and not in a good way. Although the adventure was fun, I was worn out and ready to see my sister’s finished room.


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