The Goodbye

It was a normal day of 3 year old me. Crawling around, crying. That’s when my dad thought it would be good to bring me and my 6 year old sister Victoria on a trip to Bali. It wasn’t going to be easy. From what my parents told me, the plane ride had to had been the hardest to handle. A constant crying baby Matthew in first class bugging all the other people because his ears hurt. Man, I was a pretty big crybaby.

When we arrived in Bali, the only clear detail I remember was that I thought that it would be forever dark because I would always wake up in the night time because of the jet lag. However, I eventually got used to it and enjoyed my time at the beach.

Theres not much I remember other then the awesome water slides that were at the hotel we were staying at. As you may have guessed, i spent the entire day playing in the pool. I even learned how to swim there! I guess that’s really why I like swimming so much now haha! It’s a shame I don’t remember much from such an awesome trip. One thing that I remember however is how tired I was after day 1.





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