Fun Times in Deutchland

With all ┬áthat traveling to Mexico, my dad thought it would be a good idea to visit his homeland for a change. I was super stoked because I have never been to Germany and also haven’t been in Europe for almost 8 years. I knew the change in scenery and culture would be a great […]

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Spring Break in Mammoth

This is my most recent trip to this date, in fact, I just got back today! Lets go back to about 5 days ago. Spring Break just started and I got hit with an invitation to go to mammoth with my good friends Cody Orud and Matthew Gerry. I thought this would be a perfect […]

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Fun Times at North Shore

Hawaii wasn’t always a very big interest for my family when it came to vacations. We always thought it was a place to go if you were scared of Mexico but wanted to be in a tropical environment A.K.A tourist central. However, in the summer of 2013, my dad didn’t have a clue where we […]

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4th of July in Sin City

My sister, when she was still in high school, would have constant dance conventions that her company would go to almost every other weekend. Most of the locations we would go would be in places I have never been before such as, Redondo Beach, Norco, and Santa Maria. Yea, not the most exciting places to […]

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Family Bonding In Cabo

This trip is a little more present then the others in my blog. Lets go back to when I was about 14 years old and just got out of Santa Barbara Jr. High. I finally finished a very stressful year of Junior High and I really needed a break from reality. So my parents decided […]

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